Day 1: Happy Feet!

So it’s finally December 1st and we finally have an excuse to start watching Christmas films and listening to Christmas music! Because I totally haven’t been listening to Christmas music for like a month already….

I don’t know about you but I’m incredibly excited for Christmas this year and I already have quite a few presents sorted! (I’m trying to at least look like a mature adult who knows what they’re doing now that I’ve moved to university)
Speaking of university, I’m not actually there while writing this post! I decided to come home for the weekend and I ended up staying for a few extra days. This means that I was able to complete my first day of Holiday Movie-Mas with my favourite human being ever… JORDAN! Who is now led by the side of me as I type.

Anyway, back to Happy Feet. I put this as the first film I wanted to watch for this challenge because I was just so excited to watch it. I know I’ve watched it once before but I honestly couldn’t remember a thing about it. 
So after a lengthy RoosterTeeth and Hell’s Kitchen marathon, Jordan and I snuggled up on the bed and started watching Happy Feet.
And it was not what I expected at all. I don’t know why but I didn’t expected singing penguins… Dancing, yes. Talking, yes. Singing… no. So that freaked me out a little. Also, the film felt so long that with half an hour left to go I thought of giving up on it. 
But I am glad I didn’t because the point of this challenge for me is not only to see if I can stick with this for 25 days, but also to watch more winter and Christmas films because I’m not a huge film buff and I feel like there’s a lot of good films out there that I have yet to uncover. This is like a stepping stone to get me to watch more films.
Anyway, to get back on track, I did very much enjoy the ending of the film and in it’s own way I thought it sent out a very good message about the environment and looking after the world we live in.
In no way does this mean I’m now turning into a hardcore, goes to protests and annoys you on Facebook environmentally friendly type. But it did give me something to think about.

Overall I give Happy Feet: 

Jordan gives Happy Feet: 


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