Day 3: March of the Penguins

There was a time over the Summer break where for some reason Jordan and I were obsessed with documentaries. Anything done by David Attenborough that was on Netflix, we watched. So it feels a little weird watching an animal documentary… or any sort of documentary without him, maybe I should have left this one for the end of December when I’ll be back home.
Oh well! I’m actually in the middle of watching it right now, and this I knew I’d love. 
I’ve always liked documentaries, especially ones about animals. The first animal documentary I can remember watching was about Elephants, red Elephants in a nature reserve. It was a series and it was incredibly interesting, I can’t remember what it was called now though.
I just like knowing things, and the habits of animals is really interesting to me and always grabs my attention. But a documentary has to have a good voice over or I completely lose interest. 
BUT if it’s David Attenborough talking there is a very high chance that I will fall asleep, not at all because I’m bored, just because for some reason his voice just makes me really sleepy. Jordan and I usually couldn’t watch more than a couple episodes of him at a time without me nodding off.
Documentaries. I reccomend them. Especially Frozen Planet and Planet Earth.
And March of the Penguins obviously, because penguins are pretty top!
Overall I give March of the Penguins: 

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