Day 7: Love Actually

So far every day I’ve mainly blogged about my day, the movie I’ve watched or what I’m doing while watching the movie and I think that would be a bit boring to do for 24 days straight. So, today I’ll do something a little different. In my seminar today we were told to write an opinion piece or magazine column-style piece so I thought I’d share it on the internet. No idea if it’s any good, I literally wrote whatever came into my head at the time and right now I can’t even remember exactly what I wrote.

But anyway, here you go!

A good book is well written, holds your attention, and leaves you with a sense of pride when you finish the last page. A bad book is boring, a drag to read and the thought of turning the last page makes you want you to jump for joy.
But a great book is something that is rare. A great book will grip you by the heart and pull you in, you will feel as if the world and the characters are a part of you. It will make you laugh and cry, it will make your heart race in anticipation for the next chapter, the answer to your questions.
And it will make your enthusiasm and excitement and attachment grow and grow until you can barely contain your excitement. Then when you turn the final page, you’ll be left with an indescribable feeling of emptiness.
A great book is both the best and worst feeling in the world, and I feel sorry for anyone who fails to understand the joy that a book can bring. A lot of people read nothing but their Facebook page, completely unaware of the millions and millions of amazing things that they will never discover. The worlds they’ll never travel to, the character’s they’ll never meet, the stories they’ll never watch unfold right before their eyes.
You can learn so many lessons through even the most fantasy-driven of books. Things that can make even the worst day feel a little more bearable. Quotes that when you think of them give you that little kick of inspiration, that shot of happiness. And they mean something, they’re not just a few words splattered on an ‘inspirational’ picture on Facebook, the quotes have a background, a story, a meaning and a life.
Yes, I feel extremely sorry for all the people out there who will never experience this. They don’t have time, they don’t like reading, and ‘books are boring’.

But at the same time, when I read a book (especially one that’s not well-known), I always feel like I am holding onto some sort of amazing secret. So maybe I’m okay with the people who view books as some sort of hindrance to their lives. It just means there are more secrets for me.

P.S. Love Actually was great! I love films with so many big names in them, it’s like playing a game of spot the celebrity.

Overall I give Love Actually:


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