Day 9: A Royal Christmas

Okay, I know today was supposed to be 101 Dalmatians but that wasn’t on Netflix or Amazon Prime and this film was so A Royal Christmas it is!

So far it’s a bit rubbish…
It’s hella cheesy, quite a bit over acted and ends exactly like every other girl runs away and guy runs after her and asks her to marry him film. Did I just ruin the ending for you?
OHH! I just realised the lead actress is Gretchen Weiners from Mean Girls.
Anyway! Today I’ve just been doing some preparations for an assignment I have tomorrow, had a cheeky Starbucks panini while I was at it. In about 2 hours I plan to go to the library but until then I’m going to read some more of Queen of Shadows, which I am now half way through.
I didn’t do anything special for todays blogpost so here’s a crown,
         /\           /\              /\             /\
        /    \        /   \          /    \         /    \
       /      \      /     \       /        \      /       \
      /        \   /         \   /           \    /          \
     /           \/           \/                \/            \
     |     0           0             0               0      |
I know, my artistic skills are beyond.
Overall I give A Royal Christmas:


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