Day 14: The Santa Clause

So now I’m a day behind with my movie watching, but I’m still planning on watching every movie on the list so DON’T PANIC!

Today is The Santa Clause which I have never actually seen before but I have been told it’s a good one so we’ll see.

Also, today was The Write Approach day so I have another little piece of work to share! Our task was to write another opinion piece, but this time it had to be written in 30 minutes. I spent 10 minutes deciding what I actually wanted to write about until I settled on a little bit of a rant. Hey it’s supposed to be opinionated!

So I wrote this in about 20 minutes and quite literally wrote exactly what came to mind, as it came to mind. The issue that I talk about didn’t actually bother me as much as it sounds like I was bothered by it but it was the first half decent thing I could think of to write about at such short notice so… enjoy!

Last week a young female fan somehow got hold of the phone numbers of few famous YouTubers some of which included Zoe Sugg, Alfie Deyes, Joe Sugg and Louise Pentland. The clearly naïve girl took it upon herself to call said YouTubers, especially Alfie Deyes, leaving over 300 missed calls over 3 days.

Although the girl was obviously very wrong in doing this, I felt that the way some YouTubers reacted to this incident was not the best way a role-model should react.

Zoe, as usual, reacted very well choosing to find the humour in the situation and joking about it on twitter. Louise took the sensible route and simply turned off her phone. 

But the person who got to me was Alfie Deyes. Alfie took to twitter in a much more vicious way than the others, threatening to release the girl’s phone number to the masses.

No matter if he actually meant it or not I found this extremely disgusting because he more than anyone should know that if he released that number this young girl would be bombarded with calls and hate messages. As far as I’m aware the calls she was making mostly consisted of dead air or just her talking. The calls she would receive would be ones of hate, death threats and disgusting things that come with releasing that sort of information to an angry fan base.

It’s just my opinion but I don’t think this incident should have been addressed at all online. For all we know this girl was simply a very over-enthusiastic fan who just wanted the attention of the people she looked up to. Yes, she went about it the wrong way. However, imagine being this young girl and going on twitter and seeing the people you look up to bitching about you and threatening you. Imagine seeing a fan base you thought you were a part of riled up against you and seeing devastating things being written about you.

What this girl did was wrong, but you never know someone’s backstory. The way Alfie Deyes handled this situation was appalling and could have easily been avoided by simply blocking her number or maybe even just talking to her and asking her to stop, but not by ridiculing her on social media.

Anyway, The Santa Clause was so good! A very, very cute Christmas film that I would definitely watch again.
Overall The Santa Clause gets: 


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