Day 15: Top 10 things I’m excited to go home for

In light of the film I watched today (Home Alone) and because of my upcoming departure from Southampton, I thought I would make a list of the top 10 things I am excited to go home to.

Before moving to Southampton enchiladas were basically my favourite meal ever. But since moving to Southampton I haven’t had them ONCE! That’s 12 whole weeks without Enchiladas… What?

Chinese Food
You know how students are kind of known for junk food and take-aways… well I haven’t actually had a lot of take-aways. I think I had one Dominos and two Pizza Hut deliveries, but those aren’t Chinese. So much like the enchiladas, that’s 12 whole weeks without Chinese food… WHAT?

Indian Food
Now back home we have two really good Indian take-aways near us. At least I think there’s two, the one of them is one of those shops that has a habit of closing and reopening as something else every few months. This is looking to be a really healthy trip home isn’t it? And guess how long it’s been since I’ve had Indian food… go on, guess.

I will say that my mattress at home is SO UNCOMFORTABLE. Like literally my back hurts so much in the mornings, but my mattress at university is so comfortable so I’m really going to miss that. What I’m not going to miss is people making noise outside my window at all hours of the morning and being woken up by the cleaner when I’m trying to have a lie-in.

Not spending as much money
This. Over and over again, I love things and really really like having new things. What I don’t like is spending money on things. Being home I will no longer be a simple 10 minute walk from town, which means less of an incentive to spend money. But sometimes when I get bored I like to look at the sales online… so we’ll see about this one.

Who isn’t excited for Christmas? I’ve been watching so many vlogmas videos that it would be literally impossible for me to not feel festive. I also started my Christmas shopping months ago and there’s only a couple things I have left to get so I’m not feeling that pre-Christmas panic.

Scenic Drive cooked breakfast
Cooked breakfasts are literally the best, and to have a cooked breakfast in a cute little cafe surrounded by the trees of a Welsh mountain early in the morning is the best. There isn’t much that I will happily get out of bed for before 11, but a Scenic Drive cooked breakfast… just yes.

Time with my family
Funnily enough, a Scenic Drive breakfast is usually something me and parents will do together, usually on a Saturday or a Sunday morning and always with the puppy. We also go out for meals together a lot, which I enjoy so I look forward to that too.

My puppy
I wear a lot of black and being in university I have not missed being covered in dog hair all the time, but I have missed the way my little pup used to come to my room in the mornings, either to moan at me until I wake up or sometimes just to cuddle with me.

Time with my best-friend
It’s really difficult when you have such a strong connection with someone but you physically can’t spend time with them. Jordan and I have been pretty much joined at the hip since April 2011, we would literally do everything together. There’s not one major thing that’s happened in my life since 2011 that he hasn’t been there for and suddenly he’s missing. I just miss everything about him, we already have plans to watch How I Met Your Mother, Sword Art Online 2 and more over Christmas! So yes, I’m very excited to finally spend time with my best-friend because I miss him every second that he’s not by my side.

Overall I give Home Alone 2:


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