Day 17: Assignment Results!

I should really be tidying my room and packing right now in preparation to go home Saturday morning but I just really can’t be bothered. I won’t really have to time to do it tomorrow as I have quite a lot going on, which you may or may not find out about soon. Mainly I’ll be going to university in the afternoon and I’ll be having a cute night in with two of my favourite people in Southampton before we all go home for Christmas. But there’s also something else happening tomorrow which is incredibly exciting and nerve-wracking but I’m not 100% sure if I’m really going to post about it on here yet, though it will probably make it to my Instagram at least so you can click on the link to my Instagram on the right if you’re curious.

Today I got the results of my audio unit and I had the exact same mark in both assignments I had to do, which means I was just shy of a first on both! I’m not entirely sure about how grading works at university yet and what’s good and what isn’t but I was told that my scores were some of the best and that I should be happy, so I am! I can’t help being a little bit annoyed that I just missed out on a first though, but I got some useful feedback for next time!

Today I watched The Nightmare Before Christmas, and I know there’s a whole debate on whether it’s a Christmas or Halloween film but it has Christmas in it and that’s enough for me.

Watching it I realised that I don’t think I’ve ever seen it all the way through, but I enjoyed it and I would watch it if it popped up on TV but I don’t think I’d ever go out of my way to watch it. My favourite songs are definitely What’s This and Kidnap The Sandy Claws.

Overall I give The Nightmare Before Christmas:


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