Day 23: Favourite Cardiff Restaurants

It’s Christmas Eve-Eve and I’ve only just today got all my Christmas shopping done, but I had a lovely few hours in Cardiff with my parents, noticed that a Shake Shack has opened in the St David’s Centre, will need to be trying that soon.

Cardiff did not disappoint at all and still stands as my favourite city in the UK. So in light of that, I thought I’d share both my favourite places to eat and places I would like to try in Cardiff.

Places I like:

ASK Italian

– I’ve eaten in quite a few Italian restaurants both in Cardiff and elsewhere, and so far this is by far my favourite. The restaurant is so nice, it’s light and airy, the drinks are amazing and most importantly the food is amazing! This place has the entire package and is always a go to for Jordan and I.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen
– It highly disappoints me that there isn’t one of these in Southampton. I first heard about GBK from a Zoella vlog? I think. They seemed to love this place so much that I really wanted to try it, and when I did… I love it so much. Definitely a must try.

Red Hot World Buffet
– Red Hot is another go-to for me, it’s the perfect place if you don’t really know what you want to eat because they have everything! Pizza, pasta, salad, sushi, Chinese, Indian, pancakes, chocolate fountain, ice cream, you are genuinely spoilt for choice. The sushi is my personal favourite. The only downside to it is that it can get very crowded sometimes, the tables are all pretty close together so when it gets busy it can be annoying, especially because it’s a buffet and you’re mostly likely going to be getting up and walking around quite a bit.

– If you haven’t tried a Wagamama before, you need to! This is the place I go if I feel like being healthy because everything here at least seems like it’s super healthy (even if it’s not). It’s also quite light and the juice drinks are amazing. The restaurant in Cardiff Centre is also extremely bright and airy as the restaurant has these huge floor-ceiling windows, it just adds to the whole atmosphere of the restaurant.

Places I’d like to try:

Science Cream
– Apparently this place makes Ice Cream with liquid nitrogen! How cool does that sound?! Jordan actually suggested this one a while ago and we just haven’t had a chance to visit yet, but I hope to very, very soon!

Shake Shack
– This is brand new (to me). When I moved to uni three months ago, this place did not exist in St Davids. I think it’s only opened up in the last few days, but either way I need to try. They do burgers and milkshakes as their main selling point as far as I can tell. I love burgers, I love milkshakes…

Burger and Lobster
 – Okay, I’m going to be real with you. The number one reason I want to try this place is because it sounds a) super american and b) super fancy. Because lobster is fancy. I’m not even sure if I would order lobster if I went in there, but I’m curious to try this.

Crepe Affaire
– All I know about this one is that they do crepes. I like crepes, and I want to see if there’s anything special about these particular crepes. Although knowing me, I’d just walk in and order a Nutella crepe. I’m not the most adventurous eater.

Honestly, I would love to try every cool-looking restaurant in Cardiff. Unfortunately, now that I live in Southampton, I don’t visit Cardiff as often so I’m a little more limited on my restaurant-trying. But I love finding new, amazing places to eat and drink. If this list included places to get drinks…

Bubble Tea.

I don’t care how, if you’ve never had Bubble Tea, you need to find and experience Bubble Tea.

Side Note: 2 Sleeps until Christmas!!


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