5 Things I Learned in 2015

1. If you need something done, go out and do it yourself.
Sometimes you’ll find a gem of a person who will do what they say, when they say they’ll do it. But nine times out of ten, they won’t and that’s okay. Everybody works on different schedules, takes different amounts of time to do things and does things in different ways. So, if you need something done within a certain amount of time and in a certain way, you are better of just getting it done yourself, or you might find yourself nagging people constantly.

2. Having and sharing your opinions is a wonderful thing. Forcing them on others isn’t.
If we couldn’t share our opinions on things life would be extremely boring, and I personally love hearing other people’s thoughts and feelings on different subjects. However, there is a major difference between sharing your opinion and forcing it on others. Having varying opinions from someone else is okay, not everyone has to or is ever going to have the same opinion on every topic as you. When you can’t accept that other opinions exist, it shows and doesn’t translate well in conversation. Sometimes it’s best to agree to disagree.

3. Being scared is a major thing that only holds you back.
Fretting over a deadline, being scared that the thing you said to that person yesterday was wrong in some way, being scared of taking chances and opportunities. All of these thing just hold you back in life. Obviously sometimes there is genuine reason for being scared, but most of the time that feeling of dread amounts to absolutely nothing. There is no point in being scared of the little things, it doesn’t help in any way. You’d be better off taking a deep breath and facing the problem head on, that way you can work to solve the problem instead of worrying about it.

4. 90% of the time, other people aren’t thinking about you.
I mean this in the best way. People are often way too busy thinking of their own insecurities to be thinking of that one stupid thing you said, or the blemish on your face, the fact that you didn’t do your eyebrows today or the outfit you’re wearing isn’t 100% on point. We worry so much about these things and the likelihood is that no-one really cares, especially if it’s just a one-off. People are way too busy thinking about themselves and if they do think about you, that thought lasts no more than a few seconds before their brain floats along to the next thing.

5. 90% of the time, other people aren’t thinking about you.
I mean this in a not-so-nice way. When that person bumps into you or pushes past you in the street, when you’re boss shouted at you, someone you know made that comment that hurt your feelings, when the person you’ve been talking to likes someone else’s Facebook picture. I guarantee that 90% of the time the person is not thinking about you. They are only thinking and worrying about themselves, which is fine and normal. What I’m trying to say is don’t take the little things that people do everyday too personally, most of the time people aren’t doing things to specifically annoy or hurt us. They’re just so far into they’re own little world that they fail to even notice how their actions may effect someone else.

So those are just a few things I observed in 2015. What did 2015 teach you?


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