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Sunny Sunday

Welcome to Sunny Sunday! A post where I’m going to share with you things I found that inspired me/made me smile this week. Let this post lift you up and motivate you for the week ahead.

Children like this give me hope for the future!


“I love my dad because I want to.” – My heart has melted.

(Picture from Jonathan Joly’s Instagram, courtesy of his little boy Eduardo)

This video that says everything that needed to be said about Brock Turner.

Phillip DeFranco’s response to Brock Turner.

Sometimes someone puts all of your own thoughts into words and shares them in an online video and you’re like “YES. JUST YES!”

This video has had over 17 million views so far and it is such an important watch. It is nearly impossible to fit everything that’s wrong with this situation into five minutes, but this is about as good as it gets!

When Rooster Teeth threw a fan her very own prom.

Long story short. A young fan asked Rooster Teeth’s Michael Jones to prom, the school didn’t really want him at the prom seen as he’s a grown-ass man. So instead they flew the girl out to Austin, Texas and threw her a prom, live on the Off Topic Podcast!

Watch the short version of the event ‘Michael’s Date to Prom – RT Life’ here.

Trust me, you won’t be disappointed, it will warm your heart.

This is a short one because I came up with this idea on Friday so I’ve only  had 3 days to compile a list of things. The next one of these I do should be longer!

Which one of these was your favourite? What made you smile this week? Leave a comment and let me know!


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