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Me Me Monday | 30 Facts

So I’ve been doing blog posts for quite some time now, and it’s highly likely that some of you reading this will know next to nothing about me. So today I thought I’d give you some facts so you can get to know me better!

  1. I have the smallest hands of anyone I’ve ever met and compared to.
  2. I also have tiny feet. Most of the time I’m a size 3, but occasionally even those are too big!
  3. I was the fussiest eater growing up. I didn’t even like chips or ice cream cones. WHAT CHILD DOESN’T LIKE CHIPS AND ICE CREAM CONES?! Oh and cheese, I’d only eat melted cheese.
  4. I LOVE attending events and parties, but the thought of organising anything myself is just no.
  5. Once Upon A Time is probably my favourite TV show of all time. (Reason: Collin O’Donohue)
  6. Meg Turney is always my #WCW.
  7. I cry at basically every movie/TV show with a sad moment. The Book Thief, One Upon A Time (I basically cry at every episode at this point), The Lion King (but who doesn’t?), A Girl Like Her, Your Lie in April (Omg) – just to name a few recents.
  8. I love water, but I’m not so fussed on beaches. Sand gets EVERYWHERE and it’s hella annoying.10330371_964172943638210_5530998607383066693_n
  9. I love going on walks. It’s one of mine and Jordan’s favourite things to do together.13249473_1039007142821456_1911393175_n
  10. I don’t tan, just burn.
  11. I can’t really think about two things at once. If I’m doing one thing and thinking about another I will most certainly mess up what I’m doing or lose my train of thought.
  12. I read fast. I’ve been known to become obsessed and finish books in less than a day.
  13. My favourite thing to do is snuggle up in bed and watch Netflix.
  14. I get really obsessed with things for short periods of time before deciding whether I’ll continue to enjoy the thing at a normal rate or hate it forever.
  15. I am a toffee popcorn person. Yup.
  16. My go-to bev is Archers and Lemonade! (Or strawberry Sidekick – out of the bottle of course)12204911_940001689388669_1689124572_n
  17. I live in my leggings but I have recently started wearing high waisted jeans a lot more – if you know me this is something to be extremely proud of! 
  18. My go-to going out outfit is playsuits.
  19. I have way, way too many dresses and playsuits. I’ll do a collection post one day.
  20. When it comes to shoes vs bags. I am definitely a shoe girl.
  21. If I’m wearing a wooly jumper it will ALWAYS be cropped. Normal ones look weird on my 5ft 2 frame.
  22. I don’t drink cows milk. A month or so ago I converted from cows milk to an assortment of Almond, Hazelnut, Vanilla and Soy milk. they taste so much better!
  23. I like chewy crisps. Y’know like when they’ve been open for a while… Yup.
  24. I am in the process of switching to and trying various dairy-free yogurt.
  25. I will also choose quorn over chicken. Again, I think it tastes better (Who knows, maybe I’m insane).
  26. Texture is huge for me when it comes to food. Hence why I don’t eat yogurt with bits in it.
  27. As a child I was terrified of the BFG. Yes you read right, the Big Friendly Giant.
  28. My favourite book series of all time is Throne of Glass by Sarah J Mass.
  29. I wish I was Celaena Saradothien/Aelin.
  30. Lastly, I love to write. It is my number one creative outlet.

Are you surprised by any of these? Do you feel like you know me better? Let me know!


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