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Woman Crush Wednesday

Welcome to a post where I’m going to share a list of amazing women that you need to check out right now.

Lucie FinkNHgMTS80

(23 year-old working at Refinery29)

-I first became aware of Lucie when I found her ‘Try Living With Lucie’ series, which you can find here.

-Her series consists of her doing various 5-day challenges. For example, ‘5 Days of No Sugar’‘5 Days on a Juice Cleanse’‘5 Days of Being Vegan’ and so much more.

-Her series has really inspired me and made me want to try some of them for myself! Also, with things like the juice cleanse, she tries them first so you don’t have to go in blind!

-And lets be honest, her up-beat personality is insanely infectious!

Meg Turney216b200f1fdb89e2-meg-006

(29 year-old internet personality working at Rooster Teeth)

-The first thing you should know about Meg: She is hair and body goals. Somehow she manages to dye her hair absolutely crazy colours and she always looks amazing. Also, butt goals. Don’t believe me? Check out her Instagram.

-Second thing you should know about Meg: She is incredibly ambitious and hard-working. She is the perfect inspiration for someone who knows what they want and doesn’t give up until they get it. Last year, Meg got a concussion during a shoot which then lead to a whole series of neurological problems. At one point she even had a seizure and it was terrifying. But also during this time she was working on her fitness and filming a series called Buff Buddies, where she was running and working out a lot. She could have given up, but instead she showed everyone just how strong she is and saw the series to the very end and continues to run and work out to this day.

-There are so many other things that make Meg awesome, you should check her out for yourself at her personal channel, the Rooster Teeth channel and The Know.

Ingrid Nilsen

(27 year-old YouTube personality)

-Ingrid made it to my list this week because of this video.

-A year after she made this video announcing her coming out, Ingrid’s message that it is okay to change your mind and that something that is true for you today, doesn’t necessarily have to be true tomorrow, is very important.

-In her latest video she describes how her year after coming out has been and the struggles and the beautiful moments that have come with it.

-She lets her audience know that despite popular belief, you aren’t done when you come out, everything isn’t suddenly perfect. It’s a process of truly finding yourself, and that process is longer for some than others.

-Both videos are important watches for the topics of self-love and acceptance.

-Also, can we just take a moment to appreciate her hair?

What women are you inspired by? Let me know in the comments!


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