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2017 Goals

I have become pretty addicted to BookTubers and YouTubers who make videos about writing this year and one thing that is quite common between them is the way they organise their goals.

Jenna Moreci gives herself between 10 and 20 goals, every three months with the intention of completing at least half of them, and I’ve decided to give this method a try.

At the end of three months I’ll release another blog post to review my progress and set goals for the next three months. As this is my first time attempting this I’ll be setting just 10 goals as a test run.

So with that said, here are my goals for the months of January, February and March 2017.

1. Read 8 books.

Last year I read 31, this year I wish to read 32! To achieve this goal I need to read 8 books every 3 months.

2. Get a job in a book shop.

If you didn’t already know, I want to go into a career in publishing when I leave university, working in a book shop can only help me towards that goal!

3. Get more firsts in uni.

In second year around 30% of my best grades from the year will be put towards my final degree which is why I want to aim for the best grades possible.

4. Get work experience at a publishing house.

I have been sending in applications to publishing houses all year with no luck. This year I need to step up my game and somehow get that work experience.

5. Leave my current job.

My current job has served me well but is in no way related to what I want to do in life, I’d like to make a conscious effort to be moving my life in the right direction.

6. Read The Copyeditor’s Handbook

I want to be an editor/work in publishing someday and a video by MollyReads on YouTube told me that this book is extremely good for gaining knowledge in that field, so I intend to read it in hopes of improving my writing, grammar and editing skills.

7. Start Reading Harry Potter

I am ridiculously behind on this trend. I think I read the first three books at some point, but I really really need to commit to reading the whole series.

8. Read at least one non-fiction book

I read a lot of YA Fantasy, and I’d like to broaden my horizons.

9. Complete character sheets for my WIP

If you didn’t already know, I’m attempting to write a book. I’m taking it very slowly but I would like to make some progress by March.

10. Do some serious world-building for my WIP

I’m writing a fantasy novel and I truly feel like I can’t start writing properly until I know the ins and outs of my world, so that’s something I’d like to work on in the next few months.

So there you have it, my goals for January to March 2017!

Thanks for reading x





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