The Artist’s Way: Part 1

I am someone who loves self-help books. I love the motivation and inspiration that can be yielded from them and I love learning about the ways in which people live their lives. I guess it’s the way in which I currently satisfy my fascination with human psychology. I just love finding out the theory behind why we do things, why we are the way we are.

Anyway, The Artist’s Way.

I picked up The Artist’s Way after hearing about it on the Self-Helpless podcast. The girls rave about the book and one of them attributes it to her starting a career in comedy, the other to ending one. I then heard that it had also been endorsed by several celebrities including Russel Brand and Elizabeth Gilbert. Now I’m not a huge fan of either of these people but it definitely peaked my interest to know that they had given it such positive reviews.

So, the very next day (thank you Amazon Prime). The Artist’s Way arrived on my doorstep (not literally my doorstep, through my letterbox actually but that’s besides the point).

So far I have ready up to the end of the first week and have completed most of the exercises for it. In fact, this very blog post is serving as my submission for task number 8.

I feel hopeful for what the future of this book as to offer, as even in one week I feel as though I have gained a deeper insight into my own creative mind. I’m also happy to have a structured guide through this creative process.

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