THE BIG MOVE (& an update on The Artist’s Way)

"London-By-The-Sea" is NOTHING like London, and do you know what is even less like London? Southampton Do you know what's even less like London than Southampton? Abercarn. "Where?" I hear you ask. Exactly. I used to hate London with every fibre of my being. Anytime I travelled there from my tiny Welsh village (which wasn't… Continue reading THE BIG MOVE (& an update on The Artist’s Way)


The Artist’s Way: Part 1

I am someone who loves self-help books. I love the motivation and inspiration that can be yielded from them and I love learning about the ways in which people live their lives. I guess it's the way in which I currently satisfy my fascination with human psychology. I just love finding out the theory behind… Continue reading The Artist’s Way: Part 1


The Ability to Adapt

Last weekend, if you looked, you would've found me in a dingy carpark in Brighton taking behind-the-scenes photos on the set of a music video for Brighton-based rap artist, Nighlight's 'Take 3' music video. Thanks to @camgrantphotos, I got to play with the beautiful Canon 5D MKIII for the weekend and though the autofocus could… Continue reading The Ability to Adapt


The Expectation of a Graduating Student

It's mid-May (when I wrote this at least, it's mid-June now). It’s been a few weeks since I handed in my final university assignment and as far as social media is concerned I am doing nothing but going out, going to barbecues, travelling, seeing movies, and enjoying the warm weather we've been having recently. I… Continue reading The Expectation of a Graduating Student